We honor your name and pronouns.

If you are seeking services with a desire to use medical insurance please read the following:

It is incredibly important to us that you know ALL parts of you are welcome here

You will see and hear that phrase a lot at Three Oaks. 

“All parts of [you]” being welcome is a sentiment that our team has internalized and is a core value that is central to our practice. We apply it to ourselves as a team and extend it to all people who come through a Three Oaks door (literally or figuratively!). 

We are also deeply committed to honoring who you are as a person and how you identify uniquely as YOU.

One of our greatest and most expressed frustrations is that the insurance companies we are ‘in-network’ with are functioning with antiquated systems that require the use of ‘legal name’ and ‘gender’ when submitting insurance claims [CMS1500s]. Legal name refers to the ‘official’ name linked to your health insurance and what is shown on your driver’s license or any other government issued ID. Gender selection for insurance claim forms only includes male or female, binary options. 

We recognize that the requirement of only using one’s legal name and forcing a selection of ‘male’ or ‘female’ as gender is likely very invalidating, triggering, and hurtful to many of our clients. We recognize and honor that many of our clients identify by names other than their current legal name and know, express, and/or identify their gender in a non-binary way. 

We have reached out to the insurance companies that we contract with and expressed our concern with their current system. We have asked that they acknowledge the current system as limiting and confining, and urged them to pursue rapid change. We have encouraged the adoption of more inclusive and accurate ways for people to identify themselves and emphasized that the use of correct names & pronouns shows respect, acceptance, and support. We will continue to advocate for the aforementioned.

Until the system is changed, if you would like for us to bill your services to your health insurance, we will be required to use your legal name, and forced to identify a gender selection of either male or female. Our commitment to you is if you do not feel represented by your legal name or assigned gender at birth (AGAB), we will always acknowledge you in the way you identify yourself; your identified name, gender, and pronouns EVERYWHERE we can within the safety of the Three Oaks practice. 

We are deeply grateful to you for trusting us with your care & we take our role as advocates, supporters, and allies extremely seriously. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to talk more about this, please feel free to reach out to your therapist or Three Oaks’ practice owner, Casie Hall, LCMHC, LCAS, CSI.

Casie can be reached by email at casiehall@threeoaksbehavioralhealth.com

With immense gratitude,
The Three Oaks Team

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