Elijah Burner (he/him), MS, LCMHCA, NCC

Outpatient Psychotherapist in North Durham

Works with ages 16+ 

Hello there! My name is Elijah, and I couldn’t be more pleased, excited, and  contented to be a clinician within the Three Oaks team. I find myself drawn to,  impassioned, and inspired when encouraging empowerment, self-compassion, and  growth from the influences and affect that comes from anxiety, depression, trauma &  complex trauma. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of  California, San Diego and my Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from  Walden University, as well as recognition as a National Certified Counselor. Since  earning my counseling licensure, I have had the privilege and opportunity of working  with diverse communities, including adolescents, trauma survivors, individuals in  substance use recovery, and those within my own LGBTQ+ community. Such  experience has provided exposure and clarity to the needs of the varied individuals that  represent and constitute our multicultural society, thereby influencing and adjusting my  humanistic and person-centered therapeutic approach to meet the unique needs and  goals for every help-seeking individual. Utilizing a combination of Acceptance &  Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational  Interviewing (MI), Trauma Focused care, active listening, and mindfulness/emotion  regulation skills has provided a depth of options and techniques for such customized  and curated care.  

I have a true love for therapy. I love how it’s helped me, and I love how it’s helped my clients. I love the space it creates for growth, and the kindness it lends to the growing pains. While I have a passion and drive to provide, share, and guide those toward enriched experiences, empowerment, and homeostasis, I can’t do it every minute of the day. When I’m out of the office, I’m zoning out to audiobooks, making it a mission to power through whole seasons of TV shows, providing background vocals to all my favorite musicians, working out while always keeping in mind that my lower back has its limits, and continuously lint-rolling the pet hair off of my clothes. Thank you for  taking the time to learn a little bit about me. I look forward to working with you!


email | elijah@threeoaksbehavioralhealth.com