Patrick Ryan, MSW, LCSWA

Outpatient Psychotherapist in Durham

My practice utilizes evidence-based therapeutic methods to meet clients where they are, help guide them, and transition them to where they want to be while taking some time to revel in their journey. I strive to build a safe environment in which clients can explore, be vulnerable, and be accepted for those vulnerabilities.

My clinical areas of focus include general anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), trauma recovery and interpersonal violence. I enjoy working with all types of clients across identity, cultural and religious backgrounds.

My modalities include motivational interviewing, exposure therapy, mindfulness, radical acceptance and commitment therapy, and a healthy dose of CBT and DBT, all tailored to meet the individual needs of my clients.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking & baking, thrifting such that my office will often be filled with little knick knacks, random acts of kindness (ask me about the club I started), and making dad worthy puns.


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