Fred Cannady-Kelderman (he/him)

Chief of Community & Business Development

Fred leads the practice's business development efforts with a keen eye on innovation and a passion for bridging the gap between the business world and mental health care. As Chief of Community, he builds and nurtures relationships with local providers & other wellness establishments that will help us expand our services, reach more individuals in need, and make high-quality mental health support more accessible. Fred is dedicated to upholding our practice's values & ensuring they are reflected not only in our clinical services but also in our business & operational strategies.

He works closely with Program Managers - including Quality Assurance, Case Management & DEIB - and other administrative team members to create an atmosphere that is diverse, social justice oriented, socially responsible, and well informed.

Additionally, Fred oversees our Billing Team, ensuring timely filing of claims and handling complex issues. He is in constant communication with our in-network insurance payers, maintaining lines of communication so that our clients and providers are kept abreast of any updates and changes.

Fred loves to hike, enjoys amateur photography, and his favorite place to travel is Hawaii! He is currently a student at Hood Theological Seminary where he is pursuing a Master of Divinity degree.


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