Learning and Development Program

Who We Are:

What We Do:

A new branch of Three Oaks with exciting opportunities for clinicians, staff, and community members alike! Lovingly called Learning and Development, this team pulls from the hearts of service & passion of our clinicians and creates projects to serve needs both within the practice and within our local communities. We are so excited about this particular growth and the potential for its impact! By continuously improving the lives of our team, we create space for them to continually impact our clients and communities. We created L&D to give space and life to non-clinical interests and it grows under the same core values as the rest of Three Oaks Behavioral Health & Wellness:

Openness, Humility, Integrity & Justice. 

Three Oaks has a history of organically carving solid, needed work efforts around the expressed desires of our team. The concept of Learning and Development was inspired by a collection of employee conversations, internal feedback, expressed community and client needs- in addition to other global scale mental health nuances that our team has observed over the past several years. Seeing needs waiting to be met, the branch began taking shape in Fall 2021. Together, internally and externally focused project managers make up our "Learning & Development" branch. 

Learning & Development is dual facing; providing support internally (within Three Oaks) to strengthen and continuously grow, maintain quality, promote inclusion and diversity, and stabilize the Three Oaks clinical team & the services we offer, as well as externally (community facing) by promoting, hosting & growing community connections, mental health resources, education, and access to important wellness support and information.

Three Oaks has a grand vision of using all that we are to help build the people, organizations, and communities around us.

Three Oaks is more than a group therapy practice and we extend beyond the walls of our therapy offices. We recognize & are committed to rising to the responsibility we have within our communities. L&D is so energized and excited to be here!