Naara Lopez (she/her), LMFT

Outpatient Psychotherapist

Naara is scheduling clients virtually via telehealth.

Works with ages 18-65

Naara specializes in clients who have endured crises and trauma, including immigration, sexual assault, domestic violence, poverty, and discrimination. She believes in collaborating with folks to understand and support what they need in order to move toward a more fulfilling life. Naara utilizes family therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, motivational interviewing, and Triple-P practices (Positive Parenting Program). Naara is fluent in Spanish and understands people may have trouble pronouncing her name. The funniest attempt she received was from someone who thought her name was Hispanic and pronounced it as “Naranja,” which means orange in Spanish.

Education & Certifications
Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy (M.A.), Alliant International University
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy
Certified Trauma-focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Provider
Certified Informed Treatment Specialist (CSTS) Provider
Certified Multidimensional Family Therapy Supervisor
Certified Triple-P Level 3 Discussion Group Teen
Certified Triple-P Level 3 Primary Care Teen

Conditions Treated
Anxiety / Panic Disorders
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Technique
Depressive Disorders
Family Therapy
LGBTQI+ Related Needs
PTSD / Trauma and Stress-Related Disorder


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