Sarah Sterling, MSW, LCSW, LCAS

Outpatient Psychotherapist in Southern Village

Hi! My name is Sarah (she/her) and I am a licensed clinical social worker (C012533), licensed clinical addictions specialist (LCAS-23507), and an Intuitive Eating Counselor. I practice from a weight-neutral, Health-At-Every-Size lens (while supporting your body autonomy). One area that sometimes gets left out of the therapy room is sex: I support all genders & sexual orientations, relationship structures, kinks, STI/STDs statuses, & more.

I enjoy using my training in habit formation to help people understand why they may be engaging in behaviors that seem to counter their goals or values. Emotional or binge eating, drinking alcohol, scrolling social media, watching TV, working late, biting/pulling your hair or nails, playing games on your phone... all of these things can separate us from our experience when we use them to numb, and some have negative side effects when we do them a lot. Even when we know they don’t make us feel good, they are serving a purpose for our brains, and we may need help learning to cut down/stop.

Sometimes we engage in numbing behaviors because we aren’t getting our needs or wants met in other areas of our life. I want to help you feel safe expressing your full self, whatever that means to you, and in whatever way feels best to you. If you are struggling either with figuring out what you want in your life, OR with giving yourself permission to go after it (in ANY areas, from your job to your family life to your sexuality), let's chat!


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