Speaking Events & Workshops

Our team is passionate and eager to support the mental health and wellness needs of our local communities. Several members of our staff are highly skilled at providing psycho-educational information sessions, topical Q&As, and workshops that address a variety of wellness topics, including and not limited to the following:

Teens & Substance Use
"Burn Out" in Helping Professions
Family System Dynamics: Parenting Strategies
Validation: How To & When
Self Care & Wellness
Personality Disorders
Psychoeducation: Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI)
Medication Management: Things to know, Things to consider
Women's Health
Pre & Post Postpartum Lifestyles

Events that may benefit from such presentations include wellness workplace events, school meetings (PTA/PTSA), parenting groups, book clubs, group psycho-therapy practices wishing to gain knowledge, and allied health providers with a desire to enhance mental health awareness.

Please reach out to Casie at casiehall@threeoaksbehavioralhealth.com for more information or to schedule an event.