Leah Sampson (she/her), MSW, LCSW, LCMHC-QS

Chief of Clinical Operations: CoCo

Leah is not accepting new clients.

Builder of People
Cultivator of Culture and Community
Epic Encourager
Herald of Humility

And also, they call her Leah.

Leah began with Three Oaks in 2019 as a part-time Outpatient Psychotherapist. Very quickly, she integrated herself into the culture and leadership of the practice. She has formerly served as Site Supervisor, Clinical Director, and Chief Executive Officer while supporting the clinical vision within the practice. Leah is a Licensed Clinical Social Working (LCSW #C010333) and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor-Qualified Supervisor (LCMHC-QS #130259) whose undergrad and graduate experience were at a Historically Black College and University. The spirit of disruption and advocacy runs deep, and she has brought that energy to her work at Three Oaks. Leah has over 15 years of clinical leadership experience in hospital, residential, non-profit, and community mental health. She is committed to creating space for Clinicians to show up and to create access for all members of the community to be seen, heard, and cared for.

All parts of you are welcome is not a tag line - it’s the way that Leah leads and empowers her team to be their best selves.

She is committed to the growth and success of the practice and to the providers who make the practice what it is today. Her passion is supporting people in being their best selves. As CoCo, she has the unique opportunity to sprinkle ample of amounts of her Pixie Dust in operations, clinical, and direct care. She is no longer accepting clients, but still engages in some research related to the development of a new trauma treatment modality, Constructed Awareness. She is a leader and a clinician at her core & understands the challenges faced by clinicians and providers alike in an ever-growing mental health landscape. Embracing the Core Values of Three Oaks, she provides conscious leadership, acts in organizational cognizance and openness, shows up in integrity, engages in confident humility, effectively collaborates; all to provide a work culture and environment that provides safety in all things.

Outside and inside of Three Oaks, Leah has a few healthy obsessions: all things Frida Kahlo, Porch Geese that wear clothing, Stanley Cups, and a small petting zoo at her home (4 dogs, 3 hairless Kitties, a snake named Craig, and a Tarantula). She is deeply in love with her family and friends. She enjoys a good sci-fi fantasy or romance novel, and loves to clean and organize her ever expanding life.


email | leah@threeoaksbehavioralhealth.com