What's in a Name?


Chosen to represent the three foundational concepts of therapy at Three Oaks Behavioral Health & Wellness- ACCEPTANCE of what is, what was, and what will be; BALANCE of who we are now with who we want to be; and CHANGE what we are willing & able to do in order to move in our own lives.


Represents Raleigh, North Carolina (home to Three Oaks, and the City of Oaks!) as well as the deep symbolism of strength, growth, persistence, and wisdom associated with the majestic oak tree. These are elements that we all have within us.

"Behavioral Health"

Much of the orientation of Three Oaks centers on concepts of non-judgment and evaluating behaviors as either helpful or unhelpful based on your expressed goals & needs. By targeting behaviors as manifestations of thoughts and feelings, we can experience significant change and relief in our lives almost immediately.


Chosen to represent the encompassing nature of therapy. Wellness is not about one single element. It is about ALL of our elements: mental, physical, spiritual, emotional. Mind, body, in relationship & in isolation. We are made up of many parts.
At Three Oaks Behavioral Health & Wellness, ALL PARTS OF YOU ARE WELCOME. Life circumstance, opportunity, experience, early relationships. All of these often play into which parts of you get the most attention and which parts lie dormant, waiting to be rediscovered.
Balance is recognizing and collecting all of our parts, seeing them, honoring their purpose in our lives, and utilizing each of them to achieve the fullness of our whole selves.
Three Oaks Behavioral Health & Wellness encourages a multifaceted approach to treatment, calling on traditional and non-traditional treatment options to support the efforts and needs of each individual.

We feel honored to support and collaborate with you.

Three Oaks’ WHY & Our Deeply Held Core Values

Our Why

Because we [therapists, helpers, human-facing workers] deserve better. Three Oaks is on a mission to create a workplace where therapists can practice their calling while feeling supported, balanced, and nourished; resulting in truly extraordinary work and client care that does not contribute to or promote burnout. Global goal: play our part in helping as many HELPERS stay engaged in the field, and enjoy longevity in the industry, as long as possible. We believe that when helpers are cared for, they are able to practice, grow and develop their craft; leading to excellent client care and outcomes.

Core Values:

Confident humility: We are confident that we have something to contribute to Three Oaks, our clients and the world AND we are humble enough to maintain that we do not [and will never] know everything. We believe there is always something we can learn from those around us and never presume to have every answer or know what’s best for someone else. 

Openness: We are open to receiving feedback, support, and observation. We are open to new ideas and rethinking old ideas. We are open to adapting when change is afoot. We hold on loosely to process, procedure, and structure as we know the world is ever changing and part of being responsive is being able to ‘flow.’ 

Integrity: We believe in doing the right thing, especially when no one is watching. We believe in owning our missteps and honor that as humans, we are imperfect and therefore, error is a part of our natural course of development and evolution. We commit to always doing our best, asking for help when we need it, and being honest when we make mistakes. We commit to ‘owning our stuff’ proactively; calling attention to areas of concern/vulnerability openly and directly. Some statements of integrity may sound like: 

“Hey team, I think I messed up here…”
“Hi all, I made a mistake…”
“All, I fully own that. In hindsight I absolutely should have “X”…”
“I really struggle with “X” and need support with “Y”…”

Conscious Leadership: We believe in conscious leadership. More specifically, in leading with integrity, compassion, and humility. We lead by listening, observing, and communicating carefully; through stewardship and self-improvement. In any position of leadership, we believe in uplifting & supporting those around us, and facilitating trust. We recognize that as professionals, we are all leaders in our industry and accept this responsibility and charge. 

Collaboration: We believe that we are stronger as a collective. We believe that our ideas, execution, and facilitation can all be improved by working together. We honor each other’s ability to contribute and recognize that each of our unique life experiences equips us to offer diverse feedback, skills, and lenses with which we see the world. We believe in participating in feedback: both receiving and offering it. 

Safety (in all things): We believe that safety is a human right and a fundamental foundation to people feeling integrated, inspired, balanced, and valued. We believe in creating and upholding safety in all spaces with colleagues and clients; particularly when giving and receiving feedback. This includes physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological safety. We believe social justice is a key element of safety and we commit to upholding social justice principles of access, equity, diversity, participation, and rights across all Three Oaks spaces.

Organizational Cognizance: We believe we are a part of something bigger than ourselves and agree to nurture and extend personal warmth. We recognize that we impact those around us and agree to be mindful of our daily interactions and behaviors, especially those that pertain to colleagues and clients at Three Oaks. We commit to self regulating; NOT self denying. We honor that hard moments and feelings are a part of life and every workplace. We know that our feelings and experiences provide important information that can lead to beneficial changes when shared skillfully and from a ‘wise mind.’ We agree to self regulate before reaching out to a colleague with information/feelings/feedback. We recognize this protects our boundaries and the boundaries of our colleagues without denying our own validity to feel and experience the world around us.Three Oaks Behavioral Health & Wellness is always open to the addition of new team members. We hold high standards for ourselves and each other, honoring the quality of care for our clients. The culture of our team here at Three Oaks is clinically collaborative, accepting of each other’s goals & needs, and open to giving and receiving feedback. Our team is built from a Bottom-Up approach, encouraging staff to feel empowered by participating in the decision making and goal setting of our practice.