The Compassion Project

Inspired by StoryCorps

Three Oaks is bringing a StoryCorps-like program to our clients. It’s called The Compassion Project. If you’re not familiar with StoryCorps, it’s a nonprofit organization whose mission is “to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.”  It does this through recording interviews between two people and then preserving those recordings in a Library of Congress archive. The mission of The Compassion Project is to preserve and share (**only within Three Oaks) clients’ stories in order to foster healing and compassion. 

To participate in The Compassion Project, you and a person of your choosing will sit down to engage in a conversation in an intimate Three Oaks recording studio. That conversation will be recorded by a facilitator and uploaded to the Three Oaks private, secure Community Page only accessible to Three Oaks clinicians and clients. You can choose from several options to preserve and share your story with varying levels of anonymity, ranging from full disclosure of identity to complete anonymity. 

Just to be clear—this is not a therapy session. It’s an opportunity for you to be interviewed by a loved one in order that you may tell your story in a beautiful space with no distractions, and be listened to closely. It’s also a chance to help others by sharing your story more broadly. This service is free of charge and open to any Three Oaks client.     


Interested in learning more? 

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