Telehealth Policy Update

Policy Update: Effective Monday, April 27, 2020
All telehealth/teletherapy sessions will be 50-53 minutes in length. This session length adheres to self-pay and insurance based policy guidelines [CPT code: 90837]. No fee changes are indicated with this adjustment. More information about this policy change is provided in the letter below, written by Three Oaks’ Founder and Director, Casie Hall, CRC, LCMHC, LCAS:


Dear Valued Three Oaks Client,
I want to take a quick moment and reach out to thank you, again, for the trust you have placed in our providers and the commitment you continually make to your health and wellness. When we made the decision several weeks ago to close our offices, we did so swiftly to ensure the continued safety of you and our dedicated staff. Since that time, each provider on our team has been keenly dedicated to ensuring that Three Oaks’ clients feel seen, supported, and never alone. I have watched our team- in nothing short of inspirational gestures- adapt, shift, cope and self-regulate, all in an effort to be their absolute best for every one of their clients.

We find ourselves, as a people, experiencing a global phenomenon. This experience transcends titles, roles, gender, socioeconomic status, and even geographic location. Three Oaks’ providers are waking up to the same news each day that their clients are. They are quarantining, missing friends and family, and doing all they can to maintain their own wellness in such a trying and unpredictable time. As humans, we are experiencing many of the same fears, concerns, and wonderings about how life is changing & how it may continue to change.

I care deeply about each member of this team and about the quality of services we provide for our clients. Therefore, my focus is on the health and wellness of the Three Oaks staff. If they are well taken care of, they are better able to take great care of you! For this reason, for the remainder of our time conducting sessions via telehealth, I am asking all providers to strictly adhere to 50-53 minute session lengths as indicated by the psychotherapy requirements of Blue Cross Blue Shield and CIGNA [Three Oaks Behavioral Health & Wellness Insurance Panels].

Although most traditional psychotherapy sessions last 50 minutes, most Three Oaks providers routinely book sessions for 60 minutes, extending the session all the way (and sometimes beyond) the 60-minute mark. This is demonstrative of their true passion for their work and commitment to their clients, and also, is less sustainable via telehealth due to some of the natural challenges that being in front of a screen all day can pose! We recognize that as things unfold with COVID-19, we will be tasked with continued flexibility and responsiveness, both of which may call for extended time conducting sessions via telehealth. I want our providers to take care of themselves so they can continue to take care of you. That extra 7-10 minutes between sessions allows a provider to update casenotes, eat a snack, go to the bathroom, step outside and feel the sun, play with a pet, tend to their children, etc… all of which re-energizes them so they can be at their best for YOU!

Please know that your openness to this policy update allows us to continue to provide you excellent therapeutic care while preserving personal wellness, the benefits of which we will enthusiastically pass on to you!

With Deep Gratitude,
Casie Hall, CRC, LCAS, LCMHC
Founder & Executive Director