We Stand With BIPOC

Three Oaks Behavioral Health & Wellness Stands with Black, Indigenous, & People of Color (BIPOC)

To our Black, Indigenous, & People of Color family, friends, clients, community members, and fellow humans: you matter so much. We see you. We see your pain, anger and outrage. We recognize that as non-BIPOC, we cannot begin to understand the decades of continued systemic racism and oppression that you, your loved ones and all BIPOC face. We see the desperation to be heard and understood. The desperation to be safe. We see the murders of Black and brown people at the hands of police and citizens alike. We see the intentional and devastating acts, laws, and political frameworks historically created and designed to silence, devalue, and dehumanize you.

We are so deeply sorry. And we know that our “sorry” and expression of devastation is the smallest fraction of what is needed and is only the first step towards change.

We hear you asking for and needing our ACTIONS. We vow to rise to that plea with bold and loud conviction. We will continue to show up. We will not be silent.

Please know that from everyone here at Three Oaks Behavioral Health & Wellness, you have the continued efforts and contribution of our minds, our bodies, and our resources.

  • You have our commitment to provide culturally competent work in our therapeutic space that honors your culture and your individuality.
  • You have our commitment to learning and understanding the different barriers to therapy for BIPOC and using that knowledge to find ways for therapy to be more accessible.
  • You have our commitment to continued learning about racism, white privilege, white fragility, and oppression & an additional understanding of how that presents itself in therapy and the workplace.
  • You have our commitment, that as a staff and as individuals, we will continually strive to be better and more intentional allies to BIPOC.
  • You have our commitment that each member of our staff will take, minimally, one additional training per year specifically focused on cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity as it relates globally and in a therapeutic setting.
  • You have our commitment to not lean on or ask BIPOC to tell us what to do. We will do our own emotional and educational work.
  • You have our commitment to speak out and denounce any form of racism that we witness, directly or in passing.
  • You have our continued support in the form of financial donations to support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color-owned businesses.
  • You have our commitment to encourage our team members to use their voices & take action to elect officials that know, believe and will fight to support BIPOC communities and enact changes to dismantle the systems in place that contribute to continued oppression.
  • We commit to internal reflection; to understand and break down beliefs entrenched in our culture & privilege; and explore how we can be better. Better people, better allies, & better providers.

We are profoundly grateful for who you are, your trust in us, and the ability to stand alongside you in this fight for real freedom, equity, and equality. The fight for what is unequivocally right. Three Oaks Behavioral Health & Wellness is a place where all parts of you are welcome. To be seen. To be respected. To be honored. To be supported.

Humbly, we are with you, and we are listening.

In unyielding solidarity,
Three Oaks Behavioral Health & Wellness