“Of all the therapists I could have found, I will forever be grateful that Elizabeth and I crossed paths. She not only listened to me with compassion, she helped me figure out things about myself that I wouldn’t have been able to learn on my own. Thanks to our conversations, I was able to grow in my self-confidence and start building more on my strengths. When I vented, I felt listened to, understood, and validated. She also helped me in my search for an ADHD diagnosis and pointed me in the direction of which resources would help me.

Thanks to Elizabeth, I understand myself better. I have more compassion for myself. I’m beginning to believe something my mind has been fighting me on since I was a kid — that my thoughts and feelings are just as valid as everyone else’s. On the surface, it feels like such a simple idea, but she broke through decades of self-doubt and got it across to me in a way that made me truly BELIEVE in that message.

I’m so glad that I got to have Elizabeth as my therapist. She really is the best.”